As the 2000-2001 Touring season comes to a close, you look back at the past performances list on and you notice, DAMN IT MAN! You've yet to see them live.  You scroll down and say, "Damn... the last time the came south was back in April... and before I knew they were still around" so you start kicking yerself in hopes that you'll knock some sense into yerself so you can finish this page.

Where was I.  Oh yes.

When yer a southern gal, or hell you don't even have to be southern, or a gal... ok i'm losing it again...

Sometimes people need help coping with losses. But in this case, we need help coping with what we still have, which is... Our Rocka-Virginity.

1) When a friend is going to a concert.  Beg, plead, kick and scream for them to at least tell the guys you said "Hi" even though there's no way in hell they'll know who you are, it's just nice to think that they've heard your name.

2) Offer to send disposable cameras to those lucky enough to attend the gala event, and beg, plead, kick and scream for them to use it up on pics of your respective fave member, and or key points of the show.

3) Save the link to the Rockapella Webcast and watch it over and over, even though yer computer is s l o w and all u get is a Rockapella slide show, at least you get the hear the between song banter the guys are just as famous for as their songs. 

4) Have people with a faster computer and the ability to take screen captures, take screen captures of the Webcast, so that you can actually see some of the faces the guys make during the songs (or between song banter)

5) Check the concert schedule regularly to see when they're coming with in a 10 hour drive of you and start making arrangements then and there, even if it's impossible for you to make it, at least you can live in the thoughts.

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Last updated 10-12-01