Elliott being ever so sweet and staying behind to sign just ONE MORE THING!  (Ps for those of you who aren't familiar w/ the 'behind the scenes pella - That's PHIL!)

I have terrible aim... but that's the best group shot I could get...

I got Jeff's ass on cam! Whoo! - ok now if we could just do something abut that long shirt.  Come on Jeff! Geeze!

Two of my favorite people in the world.. Oh yeah and Kevin too! LOL  - the beautiful Ty and Courtney along w/ Kevin and his too-cute daughter Hope!

I swear to god I was trying to get a group pic of the guys w/ Amanda and Jillian... Elliott got up to do something and Scott got side tracked by his biggest little fan!  (and no that ain't Matt sitting on his lap!)

Gracie: My daddy's cooler than that guy - Natalie: My daddy's cooler than all those guys!

Jesse Loves Me... We were taking a pic of him showing me the quarter trick (see the Annapolis Review)  but he was going too fast so we just decided I'd take a pic of him instead.


***Message to Scott & Kevin.  I tried to get you two to alone to see if posting these pictures would be too intrusive - any problems I'll be happy to remove them.. Love yah!