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Where would I be,
if it wasn't for Scott?
Share with me the
moments of... You
*sighs* I could look
at him all night.....

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That Winning Smile! scott_walking_onto_stage_3.jpg (20814 bytes) Just melts 
yer heart 
dun't it
scott_this_isnt_love.jpg (17154 bytes) If this isn't love.... I don't need it!
scott_useme_oh.jpg (16492 bytes) Use ME Scott! scott_useme_ohno.jpg (12529 bytes) Til ya use me UP! scott_iamyourman.jpg (19542 bytes) I wish he were my man :o9
scott_walkingontostage.jpg (15408 bytes) I never get tired of the smile scott_walkingontostage2.jpg (15175 bytes) It's actually contagious! scott_wherewouldwebe.jpg (12512 bytes) *sigh*
scott_useme_face.jpg (17845 bytes) "I'm Popeye the sailor man" Ok.. Maybe not :o) scott_tongue2.jpg (12357 bytes) I won't go there.... scott_that_tongue_2.jpg (17258 bytes) but I wish I were there :oD
scott_thisisntlove.jpg (14564 bytes) Who do we think we're fooling c_scott_leonard.jpg (7765 bytes) The name is Leonard.... C. Scott Leonard scott_shave_lcw2.jpg (12170 bytes) I needed a shave
 scott_belt2.jpg (23095 bytes)  "The best part of waking up" LCW_CSCOTTLEONARDIV.jpg (11926 bytes) The Forth scott_that.jpg (8602 bytes) Still won't go there
scott_butt2.jpg (9742 bytes) Honey... I hate to see u go, but i love to watch u leave!!! scott_smiling.jpg (13683 bytes) *grinz* scott_that_tongue.jpg (9100 bytes) It's tempting... but I won't
scott_girlyman.jpg (8858 bytes) "You see me as the.... Gurly Man of Rockapella" scott_contemplation.jpg (15452 bytes) "Hum... to bow.. or not to bow... that is the question" scott_useme_2.jpg (19487 bytes) "Til ya use me up"
scott_smiling2.jpg (13942 bytes) "My name is Scott... and I am a GOD" scott_folgers.jpg (8064 bytes) "It's the Doo wop do wop in all I do" scott_useme.jpg (11926 bytes) *giggles like a school gurl*
scott_pucker_lcw.jpg (7267 bytes) I ain't the FBI...  scott_shave_lcw.jpg (7878 bytes) "72 hours on stake out... i needed a shave" scott_tounge.jpg (12768 bytes) OK I'm only human.... *giggles* I thought Jeff was the man with the tongue *grinz*