UPDATES! 8-02-01

Hi there!  Now that we've all made it through that horrid month with no pella concerts in sight (oh yeah right Jadey like this month is going to be any better w/ only what ONE concert... sheesh), I thought it was about time I got creative and added something new, so two new sections have been added to the list under "When Diehards Get Bored".  They are "Rackin' Up The Rockamiles" and "The DevilBaby Video" - Check them out!

Also I noticed that some links that bring you to this site, bring to this page (the one ur reading right now) and you can't see the frames.  So if you've come through anyway but thru the front door click here and you'll get the page like it's supposta be.

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One more tiny detail I wanted to add.  It says it on the front page but hell who reads that stuff... Who reads this stuff either, Oh well.. Imma say it again for all of you who weren't listening...

I am simply Jadey... I am not Rockapella.. I am not affiliated w/ Rockapella, or their management...  I do at times pretend to be married to Scott... but i digress.  I have nothing to do with Rockapella In Cyberspace aka the Official Site... I have mad props to Bob and Ann for their work over there, I'm holding my own right where I am.  Uh what else can I say here.  *thinks... * I think that's it... You understand don't cha... Ok have a good time!

I thought of something else... I LOVE SPELL CHECK! - Ok now go on... Buh bye now!


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