Welcome  - We're Glad You Have Georgia on Your Mind
I love that sign.. 
although I've seen it a million times going to Savannah
 when I lived in SC - I'd never gotten to take a pic.. what better time than now!


Ok - I'm SOOOO thrilled over these M&G photos!  I didn't take any at the show in Mt. Vernon because one of the photographers for the school's year book was told he could only take pictures during the first three songs.  I felt guilty so I kept my camera put away.  But I have NEVER EVER gotten good M&G photos... Here we go!

Jeff (Pretending he doesn't know I'm there.. alright he doesn't - My dad's camera has a zoom that rules!) Barry and Elliott

My only group shot.  I never realized how biased I am over pella members until I got these photo's back.  You'll see what I mean.

*Flash Back*  Hey El... I like your shoes.  Sean *coughs* I mean Kevin - You like his shoes?  Nice What do you call those... why these are my crazy blue shoes... Lets go...

biased picture #1

biased picture #2

biased picture #3

I finally started easing away from my bias-ness

but by that time - the m&g was over