*Jade grabs her trench coat and handy dandy Carmen Sandiego hat, slips on her shades and sneaks around the corner*

Psst, hey.. Rockapellites... Your mission, if you choose to accept, is simple. *cough wheeze*

 We want the world to know Rockapella. *flashes a pic of the guys*  They're already are a lot of us out there, but some of us are either scared to let others know were interested, or they're are like me and never stopped loving them, *tries to catch my breath* but just didn't know where to look for them after Carmen.

And guess what... YOU CAN HELP.  Yes you my little Rockapellite!  *hands you an envelope with this url in it*

Tell yer friends... and if you've already told them, tell them again! Force them to go to the concerts, and buy the albums.  *slips a pair of headphones playing Long Cool Woman over yer ears*

Write your local radio stations and get them to play Rockapella's songs!  *hands you a pen*

E-mail MTV and VH1 and tell them we're sick of seeing boy bands with no talent and gurls that look like *cough* hoes!  These guys have always given to us fans, now it's time for us to come together and give them what they deserve, more recognition.  


If you have information about the guys, and would like to share it, we'd be so happy. Just Email Us!

This webmisstress will self destruct.

*grabs my chest and colapses on the floor*


GET IT!? I was being the DYING INFORMANT! Argh.. N/M!!  *walks away trips over a blanket and falls out a window*


*Pops my head back up thru the window and waves*