Why do I love Kevin?

LOOK AT HIM!!!! He's just so sweet and innocent. He has a smile that can melt away all of your fears. He has a voice that can make you turn into butter. He .... he..... SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOON. :o)

Oh - and That ASS!! :o) Sorry Scott lovers, but Kev fills the pants pretty well himself hehe.

Why do I love Rockapella?

C'mon - do you really have to ask that???? Are you crazy?? Listen to them. For God sakes listen to them!!!! If you can listen to them, and not be totally moved - then, well, you are not human. These men will own you. They cast their spell and you are never the same.

I mean - look at me - they have turned me into a babbling idiot, whereas before, I was merely, an idiot. :o)


Peace, Love, and of course Rockapella.


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