Amended 07-08-01

How do I love Scott.. let me count the ways...

Voice, smile, hair, eyes, and of course.. BODY! But above all... voice, talent, charm, wit, lets face it, the man is everything.

It's really hard to put into words why I "admire" him.  He just has a certain quality about him that I've never known another artist to hold.  He comes off as so clean and fresh, and no one else can send shivers down my spine when they sing.  I can sit and listen to on of his songs and wrap myself up in the melody and lose myself in the lyrics. 

And that my friends... is why I love Scott Leonard...

Now - why do I love Rockapella?

First it was the magic of their music.  The perfect drug that harmony and Jeff spitting produced.  In a large way, that still is a big part of the reason *I* love the guys.  However, since I wrote this, theirs more. 

I love the guys personality.  The way Elliott's smile brightens when he talks about his son, or the way Barry's eye gets that little glimmer when you beat him to the punch line.  The way Kevin's little curly q's bounce on his face when he's laughing, Scott super smooth everything... and Jeff's... well.. Jeff.. he spits.. and he... ok Jeff can be pretty awesome too.  

Anyways, when I first wrote this, I had those big ole stars in my eyes.  Like wow... Rockapella.. now I know that Rockapella isn't a name.. Rockapella is a group of 5 of the greatest guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

So there.. 


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