You want to know why I love Scott Leonard so much, Ok I'll tell you.  Every reason that could possibly be out there is why I love Scott so much!  Just look at him, that smile, that hair, that body, that ass, that charm, that voice....may I go on!  Of course I love the other members of Rockapella but Scott just makes me feel, a way that no other guy does. 

I stumbled upon these guys many years ago during there first year of Carmen Sandiego and that is when I came across Scott. I heard that voice and I was won over forever. They are so great....and I love Scott's moves on stage. I haven't had the opportunity to see the guys live because of where I live....please come to Canada...eastern preferably!!!!

But I would do anything for this other band would make me get up early in the morning to watch them on TV.  But Rockapella does...or should I say Scott does.

Well there you go, my little blurb about the sexiest guy in the universe, Scott Leonard


Keep it up sing beautifully!!


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