Where do I even begin?? There is so much that can be said about why I love these guys! From the incredible sweetness they exude at concerts to their angelic voices to their touching lyrics... there is just so many reasons... but let me tell you the story of why they are so important to me...

Music has always been an important part of my life.  It sounds wacky but music can totally change my mood and outlook on life.  And that is what Rockapella did for me.  I was in a very bad place not so long ago.  After a handful of suicide attempts I had pretty much given up on life and was just going through the motions until something better came around.  I happened to see the Holiday Wake-Up commercial last year and I said, "hmm, I wonder what they are up to?" so I did some research and found out.  Yes, I admit, I went to Napster and downloaded some MP3s.  One of which was "Rock River."  Between this and the song "Have Some Faith," Rockapella slowly picked me up out of my funk and got me back in the groove.  It took almost a year to get to where I am today.  And I am finally at a much better place in my life.  I am dealing with the way things are and changing what I can.  I have met a lot of friends thru the Yahoo club that I would not otherwise know.

And I have to say... I have gotten into the habit of listening to so much Rockapella that it becomes almost a second nature.  It is like the soundtrack of my life... you know all the lyrics and you sing along not really hearing it but knowing that it is there.  It is then that you have to stop and stand back and really LISTEN to them... and you get hit SMACK in the back of the head with the sheer talent.  And it is like being reborn ... "WOW - they are good." It is hard to explain but if you are a true fan you will know what I mean.

And that is why I love the guys!!


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