Fairfax, VA – The Fairfax Fair

After I got so-so nights sleep, It was time to awaken once more and start the hour drive from Annapolis to Fairfax. I checked out of the hotel and tried to call Barb to let her know I was going down to Fairfax and ask if she wanted me to come over to her or something, but couldn’t get a hold of her. So I gave up and started the drive.

Que the "getting lost music". My MapQuest directions we’re screwy, I knew all I had to do was get on I-95 and head south, but how to get on I-95 – that was a different story. My maps told me I was suppose to go on I-64 or something, well that just confused me, so I used common sense and went the way I came in, only backwards. Just change East to West and North to South, no problem right? Well, sorta right.

I found I-95 with minimal problem, then made it to Fairfax County Parkway with little more problem, but where the hell is Fair Lakes Parkway? It took me about 30 minutes to find that one, but I knew I was on the right road so It didn’t bother me so much, I’d find it eventually right?

As luck would have it, after I’d followed Fairfax County Parkway as far as it would go south with no avail, I turned around and took it north. Finally… Fair Lakes Parkway! The Rocka-Gods smiled upon me and I had no trouble finding Fair Lakes Circle after that.

I followed the circle until I started realizing that I’d passed this one parking garage twice, then it hit me… DUH JADE… it’s a CIRCLE… so I parked in the parking garage and walked over to where the shuttle busses we’re suppose to run. Long walk… Long walk. I was under the impression that we couldn’t park in the mall parking lot for the fair so I walked… No car wreaks, but sad… very sad.

I walked into the mall and called my mom, then decided to walk around the mall for a little bit. The shoes I was wearing were killing me so I went to Payless in search for another pair. Again, I found nothing so decided I would walk back to my car and change shoes.

All blistered and black footed (I walked bare foot) I got back to my car and changed shoes then decided I was going to park else where, so I wouldn’t have to walk quite so far. I parked at the mall. I was so hot and sweaty that I decided to change clothes. I changed and then went to eat. Alas, I dropped gravy down the front of my crisp white shirt, so had to walk BACK out to my car and get another shirt – that shirt didn’t go with my pants so got another pair of pants.

Yes, it gets worse. Now I’m out of clothes to wear, and I didn’t know it at the time, but I still have about 2 hours before the shuttles start to run.

What did I do while waiting? Well – I drove around the circle, re applied make-up at least 4 times, got several drinks, talked to complete strangers and had a strange foreign man tell me "Damn you look good baby" while on the phone trying to get in touch with Jenn. (Hey Jenn… why is it strange men only talk to me when it has *something* to do with you??)

At 4:30pm the shuttle busses started running. I was in my car re-applying make up and tying to figure out what I was going to do with my hair when it arrived. I tried to get everything back in my purse and get out of the car but before I could get the door closed on my car the damn thing left. So what? I wait another half our, it never killed me before.

Since it’s so late in the day, and its not quite as hot as it was, I decided to get out of my car and sit on my trunk while waiting. It’s a fab way of checking out cute guy fair volunteers too:) The bus returned and I boarded.

Once we got to the fair site, I realized I was at the wrong gate and walked over to the right one. The closer I got the more vibrant the beautiful thump thump thump of the music got. At first I swore it was the Radio station van parked beside the gate, but as I got as close as the large metal gates would allow, I realized – it was none other than Barry Carl.

I stood as close to the gates as I could with out looking like an idiot. Closed my eyes and just let the music take away all the frustration from the first part of the day. I could hear them talking, but couldn’t make out what was being said. I assume they were throwing songs out to each other for sound check. If I’m not mistaken they sung So Much Better, Stand By Me, the new cover tune Dance With Me, Let’s Get Away, and Dancin’ In The Street. There are 3 more that I’m not sure on and there were prolly more that I can’t remember but I think they also sung That’s The Way, Kingdom of Shy, and All That Comes To Mind.

After the guys finished, I stood there waiting for my friends. I sat down on the side of the street until I saw Amanda (Barb’s Daughter) and hurried over to meet them.

I spoke to them for awhile then turned my attention to Suzi and talked to her for awhile and then they opened the gates. We got our tickets and made a beeline for the Birchmere Stage. Still no sign of Jenn and I was starting to lose hope.

Tonight's show was out doors, so we got our seats in the front row. The opening band was called Naked Blue. I appreciated their music because even though they used instruments, they were a true talent. There wasn’t anything fake about them. I dunno… they were just good.

Suzi and I had to take a potty break and just before I went in I saw Jenn coming towards me. I ran to her and gave her a hug, blah blah blah, and then we took a bathroom break. She was hungry so we got her a piece of pizza and then I moved a chair to the front of the stage for her so she could sit beside me.

The guys showed up in what we called "The Rockapella Van" and they all got out, expect Scott who drove in with his family and they went into the tent set up behind the stage. Everyone got a big kick out of watching them walk around and 2 of them taking a trip to the port-a-potties.

The announcer got on-stage and intro-ed the guys. When it was time for them to get onstage, they rode up in a golf cart and started the show off with House of the Rising Sun.

They did So Much Better, Let's Get Away, and Use Me. Then Barry got up front to tell us his entire wimpy/manly switch story and went into 16 Tons. That’s the way came up next and I sung to Elliott from my seat. He seemed to notice and smiled in my direction. Kevin did Dancin’ In The Streets and tried to come out into the audience but Zool inhabited his mic and feed back almost made Jenn and I deaf so he returned to the stage.

They added the new cover tune into the set list, the one they did for us at Rams Head just to see how it went, called Dance With Me. It got about the same reaction… at least from me. It was fabulous. I can’t wait until I have it so I can play it over and over and well ok you get the idea.

Elliott introduced Rockapella’s greatest hit and told everyone about Barry’s new commercial. Somewhere around there Scott wanted to tell a story – but I don’t remember if they let him or not. Then Barry told a story about doing a Kool-Aid commercial, saying it took a long time for the ppl to decide how they wanted him to say a line. I don’t remember what the line was now, but you know how my reviews go, when I remember something… I put it up.

They proceeded with Folgers and then Don’t Do It. I love that song so much, especially when Elliott gets his little hip groove thing going on!

C. Scott Leonard the Fourth – who’s not the FBI and isn’t a cop… but a private dick came up next. I love sitting front row because you get all those silly Scott expressions during this tune.

Kevin went out to pick the night’s pretty woman and came back with adorable Morgan who was 8 years old. The poor lit’ chick didn’t know what to do and when Scott came to get her for their dance, she just stood there and let Leonard make a fool of him self. I enjoyed the view however *smiles*.

Door Man came up next, which I hadn’t heart since January so it was quite welcomed, I kept clapping before I was suppose to, Damn excitement! Another rare treat came afterwards, which I’d only heard for the second time, the first being the night before – Have Faith.

After 60 Minute Man and Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego the guys left the stage. The crowd, not ready for them to leave, decided to entice the guy’s back for not 1, not 2 but 3 encores! Love Potion #9 kicked them off, before they started the song, I over heard Scott and Kevin discussing which song to sing and Kevin said "No I want to sing" YAY!

Next was he perfect out door night song, as Scott said and they went into Stand by Me. Tempted was next and Kevin got all the words right, instead of the usual line and then walking off stage they just walked around in a circle so they could do Blah Blah Blah and then left the stage again.

Still not ready to let them go just yet, the crowed did another standing ovation and the guys came BACK out to do Change In My Life and Zombie Jamboree. This time Kevin had an eyeball, no bottle caps!

I’d been screaming my head off for the whole set of encores to have my favorite spirit lifter sung, after a few seconds of debate Scott asks if they wanted to do Keep on Smilin’ – they did and Keep Smilin’ I did!

Before I continue, I want to thank Jenn for keeping up with the set list. I have enough trouble holding a camera, let alone clap, scream, hold a camera and write down the songs, so I let Jenn take care of the hard work – I love u Jenn *grinz*


After the show the guys signed autographs while the rest of us Die-hards just hung around until we could have them all to ourselves. Barb’s daughter, Amanda, and I danced around together and I made her my "Pretty Woman" for the evening. Then Barb’s son, Scott, wanted in on the action so I made them "Cute Kids". Then Jenn and I danced around together and sung stupid songs while waiting for autographs. I ran out of stuff to get signed so I had them sign my coke cup from earlier. I’m original, I have the only autographed Coke Cup… with a secret messaged from Barry Carl to boot!

Jenn and I hung around and waited for what we now call "Rockalovin’" and ended up with the worlds best hug from Barry and a hug from Kevin. I asked Jesse if he’d gotten his quarter trick down and he said he had, so I told him again that I wanted the quarter, which again, made him laugh. He told me he didn’t have it so I let him leave. When the guys had all said good-bye Jenn and I headed off into the fair to spend some time together before we parted ways for her to go north and me to go south.

Jenn got something to drink and we sat down to look at the pics she’d taken with her digital camera. I lifted my head up and Scott and family was standing in front of us. We didn’t say anything to him because we figured we’d let him have private time with the wife and kids.

We waited until they got a way from us to get up because we didn’t want them to think we were following them, and then decided to get up and get ready to go home. We were trying to find the gate to leave and walked past them. Almost bumping into them, so we said "Hi" and jetted.

We got on our respective busses and went home. I stopped off around 3am and got a hotel room (much nicer than the one I’d stayed in the night before) and slept until 10:30am and finally got home at 3:30pm.

It was a wonderful trip; I’ve never had so much fun... Thanks guys!

Fairfax Pics

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