Excuse me, my curly fry isn't curled… could I exchange it for another?

Courtland VA - 11-11-02

Another Pella concert come and gone, but this time I left with a little something special. Don't ask me why, I just did.

I left my house about 10am on Saturday, and headed up the familiar path to Virginia Beach VA, not only familiar because I traveled it just under a month ago, but I have family up there and we used to visit quite regularly when I was younger. I had oral surgery done the week before and my car was still parked over at my dads, so I borrowed mom's van to retrieve it. After I got my little blue Pella/Power Puff mobile I headed down NC-33 on the way to US-17. The trip was slightly un-eventful… However I was involved in a drive by corning. "Ah What!?" you ask… "A drive by corning" I answer. I was behind this dump truck that was hauling corn and it kept flying out the back of the thing on my car… it was funny. As this was happening I looked to my left and there was a billboard advertising some company called "Oman" I said aloud (yes I talk to myself on trips… and I also answer myself) OMAN – I'VE BEEN CORNED! Then replied... OMAN.

Ok I never claimed to be un-retarded. That was about the only thing that happened on the trip up. I finally got to Karen's about 1:30pm and we took her daughter to work. After that we went looking for Karen something cool to wear to the show, we spent about 2 hours in 'Deb's' in the mall near her house. I love that place. Imma go back when I have some cash! We left defeated after we tried on some stuff, and headed over to Arby's to get a bite to eat. We chatted over curly fries until Karen picked one up that wasn't curled. You can tell by the title what she said and we just rolled for about 20 minutes. It was hilarious.

We left Arby's and went back to her house to watch Pella videos and chill until time to pick her daughter up from work. We finished watching the Devil Baby video just in time to leave to get the girl child (not child, she's 16) and headed over to where she worked. We ran over to another store to look for something cool for Karen to wear again and then took Amanda home and left AGAIN for hair dye.

We got back home and did motherly things then decided to go ahead and dye our hair. That was fun, Karen wanted highlights and I had decided to go darker, Karen's bleach was blue so the whole time I was highlighting her hair I was humming the theme to Smurf's.

We had left over bleach so we did the tips of RJ's hair (Karen's son) and then decided to be fans for a little while longer before going to bed around 3:30am.

The next morning, I finally woke up about 9am, and we hung around the house and started getting ready to go, we left the house about 3:30pm to a lot plenty of getting lost time, hey it's better to be early for a general admission show than late right!

We only had to hang 2 Uies on the way to Courtland, and then found the high school. We sat in the car for awhile and I molested my steering wheel. We laughed until I thought I was gunna pee in my pants so we went inside to wait for the ladies to bring the tickets.

We met up w/ some fellow pellaheads and sat in the school's commons area chatting it up with each other as well as anyone else who passed by until the ladies got there with the tickets. I, A. Jade Knight was the 1st person to purchase a ticket at the door… I rock. We decided to go ahead and get in line just in case. I, A. Jade Knight, was also the 1st person in line. Not that there was really a line there, Karen, Mallory and I kinda stood at the door w/ our ears pressed against it to listen to the sound check. They sung "All That Comes to Mind" in its entirety, and I freaked out when Scott said my favorite line 'wait wait… nope.' We also heard what I thought was going to be a new Scott song, but turned out to be a beautiful rendition of "God Bless America" which I was praying would be put into the set list for that night. It wasn't but it was bliss to hear. I also could swear there was a new Barry tune in the mix, as well as Elliott's new song "No Doubt at All" which I was beginning to think everyone else on the planet had heard but me. L . They also did, "White Christmas", which was beautiful. I was starting to think they'd started the show with out us.

Once the sound check was over, Nancy, one of the ladies in charge, came over wondering if they could open the doors yet and let the people in. I told her she was in charge, go ask! LOL – She did and they said we could come in. I practically ran down the slope to the front row and hurried to secure several seats for my friends. We all sat and waited for the show to begin, wondering what would be in store for us.

The lights finally went down and the guys came out singing House of the Rising Sun. I swear every time I hear this song, I still get the same chills as the first time. The switching leads from Scott and Kevin, the background vocals, the rhythm – all of it is so tight. That led in to Scott's usual "We're Rockapella… we make all our music with our mouths" introduction. He introduced himself as George Washington, as they kicked off Moments of You.

During Dancing in the Streets, Kevin made his way around the auditorium, all the way to the back and then around. Barry commented afterwards how sometimes it was strange for them, when in a dark venue – to hear Kevin singing, but not being able to see him. This time the auditorium was so well lit, they could finally see where Kevin was going. I didn't know who to watch during that – Kevin or the guys on stage cracking up at Kevin.

The guys took a short intermission after (I forget which song) and Tonya and I stepped out to have a smoke. Rockapella concerts are like sex, it's so good you have to have a cigarette afterwards. And this was only half time.

We hurried back in as we were told the guys would be coming back out in 2 minutes. We got settled and the lights dimmed again as Love Potion #9 started up. This was only the 2nd time I'd heard this song, and I love it.

Pretty Woman was the beautifully dressed Mary. She had NO idea what was going on but was a great sport, and made a point to show her love for Kevin and his hair. At one point Kevin asked her what she'd done all her life, to which she replied "Waited for you" it was adorable.

Scott tried to give me a heart attack by pulling his over shirt down and reveling his ripped biceps. I couldn't talk straight for a few minutes after that. That was the best time I'd had at a PW in a while. Second only the Mt. Vernon and of course – My own reign J

Since I can't remember the full set list, and at what points some of these hilariously funny things happened… here a list.

The show ended and we all sat around in the auditorium, it's a tradition – we always sit around on the stage and goof off before heading out to the meet and greet. By the time we got out to the meet and greet the guys were already out there and a line had formed. I took this opportunity to go back out and have another smoke and wait until the line dwindled down. Once back in, I took my pics out and stood in line.

Karen was in front of me, showing Elliott and Kevin her scrapbook. Kevin looked at it and pointed at a pic she had of Matt in there and goes "Oh wow... Who's that" and gave me a knowing look. It makes me feel so good that he remembers Matt. They looked through the whole thing. They really liked what Karen had written in it. It was cute. I handed Kevin my individual pic of him from Baltimore to have autographed and he asked how I was doing. I told him I was Jaded and the rest of the stuff will remain shhed *LOL* just for the record – I made Elliott almost fall out of his chair.

We got passed down the line to Scott, I had an 8x10 (yes, another) of him given to me by Sondra last Christmas I wanted autographed. Karen and I had decided to get the booty shot autoed so I stood in front of him w/ a sheepish grin on my face "Hey Jade, you're Jade right" he said w/ sort of a laugh. I looked at him like I was hurt and he started laughing. "Hi Scott," I said perking back up, "Sign your butt!" I added laying the pic on the table. "Sign my butt? "Well no, not your butt just sign the pic some where." He didn't get it – he was tired.

That was over and we hung around some more, talking. I gave him the pics I'd taken of the tot's in Tampa and Phil scurried them away. Before we left, Kevin was standing there and I turned around and asked for a hug, he agreed and I rushed over to give him some Jadey love, he's so awesome.

The trip back was a riot! Karen and I laughed the whole way home I think. I'm starting to enjoy my Concert Buddy – getting there is starting to become half the fun!