Bumpin' and Grinding in Baltimore


It's funny how all things Rockapella work them selves out. I wanted to go to the Baltimore show; it was a free out door show. Perfect for my son – who also wanted to see Scott again. The problem was, we had *no* money. I hadn't gotten a child support check for my son in almost a month. I had met up with Karen online who also wanted to go and as luck would have it, was right on the way to Baltimore. She suggested some ideas and they worked out.

We decided that I would leave on Friday so I wouldn't wear myself out driving the whole way in one day – and wouldn't chance being late for the show. I couldn't miss any more school – so left after my last class to go home and get my stuff up. I had planned to leave by 2pm so that I could be there between 6-7pm. I had to run to the grocery store first to pick up some provisions and let my friend pick up some things for her daughter's birthday party. We had gone around the store probably twice, and were there an hour before she decided to go get the cake. As luck would have it – the cake wasn't done. With out asking if I had time to wait (which I didn't – it was 1:00pm by now) she told the bakery people we'd wait the 30 minutes it would take to decorate the cake. I did the math in my head – It would be 1:30 before we left the store, then about 1:40 when I'd pick up my son from school making it about 2:15 when I got home. No problems though I'd just grab my stuff, throw it in a bag and go right? Wrong. I'd asked my mom to dry my concert clothes and she forgot. They were still in the wash when I got home. So there went another 45 minutes for my clothes.

It was about 4pm when I finally got on the road. I had to stop once more to get Ice for the drinks and sandwiches. I stopped at a little local place and chatted w/ my friends before heading off towards US-17. I got about 5 miles down the road and realized I'd left my wallet on the ice machine back at the store. So I had to run back there and get it. Finally I was on my way!

I got to Virginia Beach with minimal problems and only about 2 U'ies I found Karen's house. We chatted until about 11pm and decided to turn in so we'd be fresh for the ride and big event the next evening. We agreed that 7am would be a good time to get up and have our leisurely breakfast and ample primping time before we packed up and headed to the show around 9pm.

Everything was clockwork. We ate breakfast, chatted some-more, dotted over Matt and how good he was being, got dressed, fussed over what we were going to wear, changed shirts 3 times, changed pants 3 times, decided that shoes to wear, painted our faces, giggled like teen-agers and fixed our hair. By 10am we were ready to hit the road.

We packed up digital camera, manual camera's, stuff to get signed, coloring books, and Matt and started on the journey. However, Karen couldn't shake the feeling she'd forgotten something back at the house. I racked my brain and couldn't thing of anything, and she racked hers. The only thing she could think she'd forgotten was to cut off the coffeepot. Since her daughter would be home a little later, she decided to not turn back, we couldn't have gotten back into the house anyway because she didn't have her keys.

We drove along and joked back and forth, tried to figure out the correct pronunciation of Pella Pilgr-yeah those... (Funny thing is Karen, now I can say it with no problem – weird) and Karen deciphered the Exit Squeal, the OMG-I-can't-believe-I-found-the-road-we're-supposta-be-on Squeal, the I-love-Scott Squeal and the We-Made-It-Alive Squeal. There were also a few other ones that even *I* don't know what they meant. We also figured out it was her Rockapella DVD she'd forgotten… DAMN IT MAN!

Virginia to Baltimore… Long drive (well not really)… car wreak... not us… but sad though… the traffic was backed up for an hour. Driving come more… Car wreak… not us… but sad. Backed up at least another 30 minutes. Driving yet a little more… road construction…. Damn them…

We got to Baltimore and parked in the parking garage and walked the rest of the way to the stage. The city is beautiful. We agreed we'd have to make a trip back just to see the city – we were, at the moment, on a Pella mission and nothing would get in our way.

We found the museum and asked what stage the guys would be playing and were pointed to it. We walked over and immediately ran into Ma & Co. – we said hello and went over to the front of the stage. There were the original Pella Buds - Amy, Jenn, Kathy, Sue, Louise, Nikki, Kathy and Jessy. We chatted with them and took ownership of the front of the stage. When I say that I mean we were literally hanging off the front of the stage in a line. I was directly on the end of the Kevin side with Matthew on my shoulders, Loo Loo was next to me, Sue next, then Amy, Jenn, and Jessy. Nikki was behind us beside Karen.

We joked around for awhile while mic checks went on and then – the voices…

They came out of the tent singing House of the Rising Sun. I so love that song. We bopped and bounced. Matt was wiggling like crazy on my shoulder, making Kevin and Elliott giggle and smile at him. Then Matt bent down to me and said "Mama!! There's my Scott". Scott heard him and flashed him a perfect smile.

The guys were in a great mood it seemed. Could it have possibly been because 12 of their biggest fans were right there in the front and screaming their heads off? During Moments of You Scott and Kevin both started smacking their butts. It was too cute. Being so close we could hear the impact. It was beautiful *LOL*.

Amy had made a sign, one side said SUE FOR PRETTY WOMAN and the other had a pella-perfect drawing of Indiana on it as a request for them to sing the song. Scott picked it up and looked at it. He saw the side that said Sue for Pretty Woman and made a crack about it, Kevin commented "You read the directions!" I wanted to say something witty but decided I'd let them have their moment… I don't like being weird.

Amy and I were dirty dancing during Use Me.  Which also made the guys giggle a little.  They did Dance With Me again. I so love that song. And Big John is now officially my favorite concert song (cry like women). When it came time for WITWICS Matt yelled and bounced harder than any of us girls. He was so thrilled!!

After the show, we found the M&G and started to get in the line. Matt got his crayon box autographed and his picture taken with Scott. I finally got my picture taken with Scott I hope it comes out yummy! Karen got her cross-stitch of Elliott autographed by none other than Elliott and also got her camera autographed (hee hee Rockapella CLICK!)

I finally had coherent conversation w/ members of Rockapella… other than Kevin. Scott asked if I had made it out of Tampa alright a couple of weekends ago, he was concerned… hehe yeah ok no he was trying to make conversation – I was prolly staring and drooling or something. Bears is best in dialogue type thing

Bear: *looks at me with a surprised look* You cut your hair!

Me: *nods* Yea, You just saw me the weekend before last

Bear mhumm. I didn't notice it, I thought you had it back or something

Me: *in a whiny voice* you never pay attention to me

Barry: 'shut up' 'you had it cut just like that?'

Me: *nods again*

Bear: 'I like it, I thought you had it up in a pony tail or something last time'

Yeah bear trying to cover his ass!! JUST KIDDING BARRY I LOVE YOU!!!

By this time Bear had already passed my scrapbook over to Kevin who was nosily looking through it.

Me: You having fun looking thru my personal stuff

Kevin: Hey it was handed to me, there for I'm allowed to look at it

Me: No, you're just supposed to sign it

Kevin: Well too late I already looked at it.

I turned it to the page where he was supposed to sign and then showed him and Barry my Pretty Woman picture from NYC. It was cool

We finished the line and gathered singing the praises of various Rockapella songs. I commented on what a great idea it'd be to get a group shot of us w/ the guys. We asked Kevin and he agreed it was a good idea. We waited around for the line to die down before getting back in line. Once the line had diminished the guys left us standing there. Phil asked me if I was waiting for something, I told her I was – that Kevin had said we could get a group picture of us all together. Phil obliged but reminded us to keep it short because they had to get home. He rallied the guys back up and we posed for what I hope are some great shots.

Phil pushed us along after the last shot was taken and Scott apologized for having to go. I touched his arm and said 'that's ok Leonard, I still love you' to which he replied in a retarded voice to match mine 'I love you too' hehe of all times to forget a tape recorder….

All too soon it was over. Karen and I headed back to the car and started the trip back home. I wished the trip there had been as easy as the trip home... no traffic; I was just so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open there for that last hour.

We had such a good time; we're already planning future Pella pilgra-yeah those. I'm hoping to get up there Nov 10th for the Cortland show

Baltimore Pics Coming Soon!