Annapolis – The Rams Head Tavern:

As I like to do with all my reviewish type things, I’ll start at the beginning. I didn’t know I was going until about 6pm on Wednesday, so I spent half of Wednesday night and most of Thursday morning packing, un-packing, re packing and making sure I had everything. I finally got to bed around 5am Thursday morning.

After 4 hours of the most un-restful sleep I’d ever endured in my life, I woke up and shoved suitcases, pillows, pocket books and a kid into my car. I dropped the kid off though. Matt stayed with a friend of mine until my mother could pick him up. Then I was OFF!

I figured it’d take me about 71/2 hours to make it to Annapolis, but because I’m weird, went 40 minutes off my route to find a new pair of shoes. I searched for about an hour and gave up. Then walked over to K-mart and bought myself a real camera, (a cheap real camera – but at least now I don’t have to buy disposable anymore, cross your fingers that the pics come out good…), then got on track.

The drive was un eventful, unless u count that guy who was doing about 80-90 through a 55 mph construction zone getting pulled as being exciting. Funny, but not exciting. When I came up into D.C., I started getting excited. But no one told me I was gunna have to go thru D.C. – NEVER GO THROUGH D.C. at 5pm alright… That’s when the president takes his walks I think, bumper to bumper, speed limit is 35, people are honking at me to go faster and I’m doing 55 going thru the tunnels and crap. Scary stuff lemme tell ya.

So I hit 50 east and followed my directions and damn if it doesn’t take me right down to Rams Head Tavern. Whoo Hoo! I still have 2 hours to spare. So I park my car in the parking garage and walk over.

From the web-site, I was under the impression that this place was going to be uh… Bigger? So it was crowed. I walked to the bar and asked where to get tickets, got that info and walked over to the ticket booth.

"Yes, I need one ticket for the show" I say,

"What show," she says

"Rockapella," I say,

"It’s sold out," she says.

"What!? I drove 7 ½ hours to see this show – which was NOT posted as SOLD OUT on your web-site OR to official site" I get angry.

"I’m sorry," she says

"Yeah well what now" I say,

She says "I can put you on a waiting list"

I say "GO FOR IT" so I talk a walk.

I call my mom to let her know I’m there, and then go back into the bar for my first drink of the evening. Thirsty as hell and no food on my stomach, I drink it down and start feeling the effects very very quickly. I go walk some more while waiting for my Rocka-buddies to show up and then go sit on the little bench over by the ticket booth. Cue the savoir music. Jennifer (ocelot_kitten1) walks in, her friend got sick, ticket un-used, JADEY WANT GIVE JADEY TICKET! So – I buy the ticket from her and have someone I kinda know to sit with.

We walk in and take our seats. The waiter gets our drink orders, she has a diet coke, and I have a rum n coke. Didn’t gulp that one down quite a quick but was still talking my head off (which I do when I’m "getting that way") We met some really nice ppl (HI REALLY NICE PPL I MET!) and waited for the show to start.

Ok picture it. The lights go down, "There is a house…" OH MY GOD!!!!!!! "In New Orleans" AHHHHHHHHHH "They call the rising sun" HOLY SHIT IMMA PISS MY PANTS. I knew I was in for a good show!

Before they started Don’t Do It, Elliott wanted to reminisce about the old days, and made mention of the groups anniversary in April. Then remarked on how long the group had been together, and when each member came into the group. It seems they all joined in the spring. Everyone had their own little story to go with how they came about, and even poked fun at themselves as well as their predecessors. The segway got a little to far out for Kevin so he helped bring Elliott back on track so they could go into the "not a doo wop song".

I don’t remember the direct order of all the songs, I was a little… well let’s just say – it was a bar. So I can only remark on what I remember until I get a hold of some sort of set list J

Of course, they started off with House of the Rising sun, and of course, I was pleased. We also got treated to several new/old songs – Ellie My Love (my all time fave Rockapella song), Land of 1000 Dances, and a test run of a new song they worked up called "Dance With Me". GUYS HURRY UP AND GET THAT SONG SOMEWHERE SO I CAN LEARN THE WORDS!!!!

The pretty woman for the evening was Wanda! A friend of mine, and a fellow Southerner! It was nice having her up there; she was very cute – despite our own fellow Southerner (Kevin) making fun of the accents (I got him back later).

When the show was over, I headed over to share my enthusiasm over what I’d coined "The Greatest Show I’ve ever been to" with Barb and Co. People pretty much left before they guys came back out so it gave us plenty of time to mingle with them ourselves.

As luck would have it, I finally got to meet Lisa. I chatted with Natalie for a minute and Jesse performed a new trick Phil had taught him involving a quarter. I turned that trick into a way to make Jesse smile every time I saw him after that by telling him I needed that quarter to get home or I was going to have to catch a ride home with him. He’s so adorable; he smiled all the time!

I made my way around to each guy, starting with Jeff. I took a picture of him and Jennifer and he started joking with me. He commented that he thought my camera was cool. Wow… Thacher likes my camera… go me…. Uh... ok. It was nice though, he put his arm around me while he was talking to other people. I started wiggling trying to get away to go over to Barry and he says "Would you stop" so I twisted his nipple. I’m not sure how he liked it – but he didn’t slap me so.

We headed over to Barry and again I took Jennifer’s picture with him before we walked over to get Elliott. Jennifer waited so patiently while others butted in front of her. Eventually we got up there and took the picture.

After tackling both Kevin and Scott Jennifer left to go home and I hung around with Suzi & Barb and everyone else until the guys had to go.

While waiting around for Barb, I walked back over and talked to Lisa for a little while and showed her the picture of Matthew. She told me how adorable he was and pointed out that his eyes and Jesse’s eyes kinda looked alike. Then we talked about how great boys were, and how we both love our sons so much. There are two things we have in common… we both love our sons and her husband J

When it was time to go, Barb and I followed them out to Barb’s car. Then she took me to my car and we went out to eat. We had some interesting conversations involving M.J.’s motsa balls *giggles* and the fact that I was so tired, buzzed and on a ‘pella high that I couldn’t talk in complete sentences.

Barb helped me find a motel room for the night and we parted once more until the next day.

I had no trouble finding the motel. The damn thing cost me $50 bucks though, and I would have been better off staying at the Best Western in town. Even though it was $75, I probably wouldn’t have felt the need to sleep on towels.

I was reading over their information paper while trying to rid myself of the pent up energy that still remained from the Rockapella high, driving all day, and those 4 drinks I’d had at the bar. One thing I noted as being funny was "Soap, shampoo, and other toiletries are available at the front desk for an nominal charge". That struck me funny because I’d already paid $50, and didn’t bring my own shampoo because I figured wherever I stayed would have one… ugh. Luckily – my hair does well when rinsed with water and sprayed with leave in conditioner.

I finally drifted off into a half state of sleep for fear of not hearing my alarm clock go off and be forced to pay extra for over sleeping. Even with the entire hassle. It was a great day.

I have so far one single solitary picture of Rams Head... Thank You Barb!

Who'd a thunk?

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